Angie Tee's Kitchen

Chicken Rendang

served with Fragrant Tumeric Rice

Spicy Sichuan Noodles Bowl

served with with shredded cucumber, scallions & roasted peanuts

Asian Mango Pudding

Ginger Peach Fresh Mint Iced Tea

Blesame International


eggrolls made of veggies & ground pork

Filipino BBQ

Chicken & Pork

Buko pandan

young coconut w/ milk

Boba cha

Peach lime

Lychee tea

Golden Milk Tea

Bridges Nepali


Bite sized nepali style chicken/ vegan dumpling with dipping sauce

Mango Lassi

Chilled yogurt shake with fresh mango

Rice bowl

White rice, yellow lentils, chicken tikka masala/ mixed veggies topping

China Gourmet

Mongolian Chicken

dark and white meat chicken with fresh vegetables in our homemade Szechuan sauce over crispy rice noodles

Beef Short Rib Singapore Noodle

tender slow braised beef short ribs with fresh vegetables and Singapore noodles in a curry au jus

CG Barbecue Shrimp

lightly battered shrimp in our house barbecue sauce

Cold Sesame Noodle

cold soft noodles in our peanut sesame dressing and topped with toasted sesame seeds and scallions

Chinos Street Food

Fried Rice with Marinaded Chicken

Sweet/savory glazed chicken on a flat top grill servers with veggie fried rice

Vietnamese Street Taco

take on a Vietnamese sandwich

Fruit Juice with lychee Jelly

Fresh made juice made with real fruit

Dai Trang Bistro

Korean Street Dogs

hot dog & cheese on a stick coated in crispy fluffy Korean batter

Rainbow Siopao

Filipino steamed buns stuffed with savory chicken rainbow colored

Pho Fries

All the traditional pho toppings on a bed of crispy French fries

Eam Kruesah

Nompang Saut-Ko AKA Beef Sandwich

Savory pan fried steak with Eam’s Secret recipe topped with a pickled vegetable medley on a toasted hoagie roll

Steak Skewer

Delicious steak marinated in the Eam’s Secret recipe; grill to perfection and served on top of steam jasmine rice alongside with a pickled vegetable medley


Classic Cambodian fried rice with Pan-seared homemade BBQ Pork and mixed vegetable

Sweet Potato Pork Spring Roll

A Cambodian twist on an original spring roll! This specialty item features blended seasoned ground pork, sweet potato, and bean thread noodle

Kung Fu Tea

Original Bubble Milk Tea

Taro Bubble Milk Tea

Passionfruit Green Tea with Nata Jell

Lalo- Chino Latino

Chino Taco

Sesame Flat bread filled with Beef Barbacoa and pickled Veggies

Mexi Ribs

Two seasoned pork ribs with Salsa

Chicken Tinga Taquitos

Two crispy fried rolls filled with chicken tinga

Iced Matcha Milk Tea or Virgin Watermelon Margarita

Lang Thang Group

Cháo Gà (Chicken Congee)

Chicken Congee/Rice Porridge made with our house chicken broth with chicken breast, onions, cilantro and fish sauce.

Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake)

Cabbage based pancake with Japanese mayo, tonkatsu, bacon and green onion. (Vegetarian option also available)

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Saigon Phin Daklak iced coffee with condensed milk.


Cambodian grilled chicken taco

Grilled chicken marinated in a secret family recipe, topped with cabbage slaw, pickled papaya, Sriracha aioli, cilantro, served on a corn tortilla

Cambodian Coney

All beef hot dog, cabbage slaw, pickled papaya, mustard, Sriracha aioli, cilantro, served on a bun

Cambodian Street Dog

All beef hot dog, tomatoes,onion, jalapenos, cilantro, mustard, lemongrass aioli, served on a bun

Maki Express

Shoyu Ramen Bowl


Japanese Dumpling

California roll

Tiramisu green tea

Red Sesame

Korean taco

korean bbq, lettuce, seasoned rice, house sauce

mini quesadilla

protein, cheddar jack, house sauce

Roll On In

Chicken noodle bowl


Crab Rangoon

S.E.A. Cuisine Food truck

Asian Tacos

Koji beef, grille chicken, spicy shrimp, and our fish w/kimchi

Green papaya salad

Cha Cha Fries

Coconut Cream Donuts

Siamorchid Thai restaurant

Orchid Salad

shredded cabbage and carrot tossed in ground peanuts and chef's dressing

Shrimp pineapple curry

with white rice

Fresh spring rolls

hand wrapped rice paper filled with vegetables

Fried Banana

chocolate syrup and powder sugars


thai basil lime streetpop

taro streetpop

avocado streetpop

lychee coconut streetpop

Tea n Bowl Asian Food and Bubble Tea

Chicken And Lamb Skewers

Prawn Noodle Soup

Curry Laksa Noodle

Malaysian Kopi and Rose Limenade


Sunday Morning Roll

Salmon, cream cheese, eel sauce & spicy mayo

Green Curry Chicken

Basil Fried Rice

Thai Tea

Thai Express

Pad Thai

Stir fried rice noodles with choice of chicken or tofu, peanuts, egg, and bean sprouts and green onion in pad thai sauce, which gives the dish its signature tangy salty flavor with a hint of sweetness

Green Curry

coconut milk and fresh green chillies with chicken or Tofu, bamboo, green pepper and sweet basil

Khoa Soi

Egg noodles top with pickled mustard greens, red onion, cabbage, chicken or tofu in a special yellow curry sauce which contain coconut milk

Thai Iced Tea, Thai Iced Coffee