Little Taipei

Lu Rou Fan

Lu Rou Fan is an iconic Taiwan comfort food consisting of minced pork fried with shallots, onions, ginger, tofu, and Shittake mushrooms, then slowly braised in soy sauce, rice wine, and spices until it becomes tender and flavorful. It is traditionally served over rice with a side of braised egg & sliced pickled turnip for texture.

Lu rou fan means "Braised Pork Rice" and is a mainstay in Taiwanese cuisine. In Taiwan, lu rou fan was originally consumed as a nutritious and healthy meal for farming families, but today it can be found almost everywhere, from home kitchens to restaurants and street stalls.

Winter Melon Tea

Winter Melon tea is a sweetened fruit drink with a very distinctive taste. It can be found at many stores and street vendors in Taiwan. Brewed from scratch, the winter melon is first peeled, sliced, and its seeds removed. The melon is then stirred and cooked with caramelized cane sugar for many hours. The mixture is then filtered, chilled, and served for a healthy and refreshing drink.

Sen Lee

Sen Lee, a Taiwanese native, is the Chef of Little Taipei and believes food is an excellent way to share a unique experience and cross culture gaps. Chef Sen immigrated to the US at a young age and began his culinary journey working at his family restaurant. Throughout the years, Chef Sen has worked in Chinese, American BBQ, and Cuban restaurants and his appetite continues to grow as he seeks out additional culinary adventures. At the Asian Food Festival, Chef Sen is making his family’s traditional Lu Rou Fan and brings a Taste of Taiwan to its attendees. In doing so, Chef Sen hopes to inspire curious minds to learn more about Taiwan and its hidden beauty. Taiwan may be small in size, but it is big on flavor.