Greater Cincinnati Chinese Cultural Exchange Association

Zong Zi - Sticky Rice

Sticky rice with meat or red bean/dates

Biang Biang Mian

Hand pulled noodles in a spicy sauce with veggies. Checkout our video.

Cold Noodles


GCCCEA is a non-profit organization committed to celebrating Asian American cultural heritage, fostering cross cultural dialogs and supporting regional diversity and inclusion.

GCCCEA Youth Leadership Program

GCCCEA’s Youth Leadership Program is designed for Asian American high school students with a focus on fostering multi-ethnic conversations among youths from different backgrounds and developing leadership skills to build confidence, drive passion, and better serve the community. There are three focused areas in this program including connecting with authentic Asian food, sharing traditional performing arts, and story telling through cultural presentations and podcasting. The food team took the initiative to sign up for the secret menu booth. You will be surprised by how well some of these young chefs cook. It's led by our program director Ling Peng- and two youth members Edward Zha who will make Biang Biang Mian right there on the spot and Katherine Wen who will be selling Zong Zi she and her mom make.