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Stay tuned for details about the 2017 AFF “Secret Menu” chefs!

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2016 Asian Food Fest’s “Secret Menu”

One of the exciting changes coming this year is the launch of Asian Food Fest’s Secret Menu booth, featuring unique Asian food from home chefs and aspiring food entrepreneurs. This is a special chance for foodies to get a taste of a home­cooked Asian meal from local amateur chefs who are excited to share the food they grew up with.

The term “Secret Menu” comes from a common practice at many Asian restaurants in America. These restaurants often have a separate hidden menu that isn’t offered to customers unless they ask for it. This menu tends to be more traditional and authentic, with the menu items typically written in the native language.

Similarly, the Asian Food Fest Secret Menu booth features “mom-and-pop” chefs and amateur cooks serving up authentic and unique dishes that might otherwise be hard to find in Cincinnati. We know that running your own booth and cooking for large crowds at a 2-day festival can be intimidating for first-timers — that’s why we’re helping our inaugural Secret Menu chefs with infrastructure and planning, so they can focus on cooking the foods that they love.

The launch of the Secret Menu booth reflects Asian Food Fest’s overall mission to promote and highlight authentic and creative Asian cuisine in the region, and to encourage more individuals to contribute to Cincinnati’s growing Asian food scene.

See below for details about our Secret Menu chefs and the items they’ll be serving!


BanhCuon - Vietnamese.jpg

Banh Cuon


Chef Ngoc

  • Banh Cuon (Steamed Rice Rolls): Rolled rice crepes filled with ground pork, mushroom and onions. Served with fresh herbs.
  • Mango Shake: Pieces of fresh green mango shaken together with a mixture of shrimp salt, chili powder, fish sauce and sugar. This fruity snack has gained popularity on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, combining the flavors of sour, sweet, salty and spicy.


Gkaeng Hunglay - 2

Gaeng Hang Lay Moo


Chef Tracey

  • Gaeng Hang Lay Moo (Northern Thai Pork Curry): A rich, spicy pork curry found throughout Northern Thailand, particularly in Chiang Mai, which has Indian and Burmese origins.  This rich, tangy, spicy, sweet dish consists of slow cooked pork in a red curry broth with ginger and peanuts. Served over steamed Jasmine rice.
  • Bua Loy Nahm Khing (Floating Lotus in Ginger Syrup): This Thai dessert is made of sticky rice flour dumplings, stuffed with sweet & nutty black sesame paste. Served in a warm sweet & spicy ginger broth.
Sesame Balls in Ginger Broth

Bua Loy Nahm Khing







Ziye Dish - Sichuan.jpg

Hong You Chao Shou

Chinese (Sichuan Style)

Chef Ziye & Chef Bin

  • Hong You Chao Shou (Spicy Wontons with Chili Oil): Pork and shrimp wontons coated with Sichuan style chili sauce. Garnished with green onion, cilantro and sesame seeds.
  • Ma La Tang (Hot Pot Stew): Originating from the Sichuan province in southwestern China, Ma La Tang is a very popular street food, made of various veggies, noodles and meats cooked in spicy and aromatic broth.



Lechon - Filipino

Lechon Manok


Chef Paolo

  • Lechon Manok (Pinoy Roasted Chicken): During the 80’s this dish was a big phenomenon in Manila and sometimes on weekends you would have to wait in line to get a freshly roasted chicken. The chicken has a unique smoked flavor and aroma, after being cooked to a golden brown color over live charcoals. Served with White Rice, Pickled Vegetables or Stir Fry Vegetables, and Lechon Sauce.